Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Break-Boy Gone Wild!

No, I don't mean that in the way you may be thinking. I have been reading books about animals to James and I have been telling him the animal sounds hoping that he will learn to mimic those sounds. So far, he mostly just laughs at me when I make the sounds. It's not that he thinks his mommy is crazy it's just that animal sounds are funny (right?). So, anyway, I decided that for Spring Break it would be fun to go see some animals and hopefully hear them do their sounds. First, we went to a park to look for some ducklings. I saw some but they were too far away to direct James' attention to.

We did see this duck.
...and lots of beautiful flowers.

Then we decided to go to the Science Center to see if the animals there would be easier to spot.

The tigers made themselves known. (James was more interested in looking at the people...some of them were pretty wild)
This turkey apparently thought "Bob" (our stroller) was his mommy and followed us everywhere for quite awhile.
James' favorites were the Meerkats.

James also has a new love for books you can feel so I thought the petting zoo would be fun.

James petted this goat.
This sheep was too fast for us to get near enough to pet.

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