Friday, January 29, 2016

Life Verse- James

I haven't written in this blog in years and there's no way I could ever catch up but I have something I want to be sure to remember so I figured I will just start there and if I am able to continue on with the blog now that would be great!

When I was pregnant with James and we had already found out he was a boy and decided we were going to name him James (so like 6 years ago) I read James 1:2-5 and it really spoke to me because we had faced trials in trying to have children and I knew that it would make us stronger as a result.  Fast forward about a year and we were having James dedicated at church and had to choose a life verse for him.  My mind went back to these verses in James and I felt like they should be his life verse.  I felt kind of silly choosing a verse for my baby that says to take joy in your trials but I didn't know what else to choose so that's what it was!

Lately at school James has been struggling with doing work that he can't sit down and finish quickly.  We have been talking about it and trying to help him see that he CAN do hard things. I have been encouraging him to pray and that God can help him through these things that he thinks are hard. While he was at school today I remembered again his life verse and I was so excited to talk to him about it.  I think this verse is going to be more helpful in his life than I could have thought when he was a baby.  I pray that he will memorize it and use it to encourage himself and others as he grows.  I don't think it really sunk in or meant that much to him when I talked to him about it today but I trust that starting at age 5 to talk about it will help him learn those lessons much earlier in life and help him have the courage to do hard things!

Thursday, January 9, 2014


We went to Atlanta to celebrate Thanksgiving with Lee's side of the family.  Keane doesn't like to sleep in a new place at night...but he slept great during the day.  James just went full speed all day long and slept well in the car on our drive home.

My little turkeys

Winston-Salem Children's Museum


Making doughnuts at Krispy Kreme and making deliveries

watching scarves fly through tubes

Keane-4 months

Keane's fourth month was a rough one.  He went from sleeping 8-9 hours at night to all of a sudden waking up every hour!  By the end of the month he was only waking up every three hours which after some of the nights we had felt like a huge improvement and like a good night.  It was a rough month to say the least.  I tried hard to think of something (anything) I was thankful for each day to try to make it through the day because it's hard when you're just SO tired!

At his 4 month appointment Keane was scared of the doctor.  As soon as the doctor put the stethoscope on him he started crying.  James always just stared at the doctor and hardly moved.  It makes it hard to see Keane cry through it even though I know it is very normal for kids and James was just not normal.  Keane was 14 lbs 8 oz and 25.75 in.
Keane spent a lot of time in the swing because that was the only place he would sleep

...the other place he would sleep

We tried cereal this month with the hope that it would help him sleep didn't!

After all the loss of sleep he is still pretty cute!

3 Year Old School

I'm beginning to think we didn't learn anything in preschool this month....or maybe my hands were just too full to take many pictures.  Anyway, our themes were David (rocks and king) and the fiery furnace (fire).  Here are a couple pictures:
calendar work with some help from the little ones

learning to cut his own banana

Kids, kids, and more kids!

This month I started watching the daughter of a friend of mine.  She is one day older than Keane.  I am reminiscing about my days with James and Corbin (1 month apart).  There have even been some days where I have two sets of "twins"!  Things can get exciting around here really fast!

Go Noles!