Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2 Months...SLEEP??

James slept through the night one night last week (well 8 hours). Unfortunately his last feeding was at 8 pm so he woke up at 4 am. That is not morning if you ask me! One night this week he went 7 hours between feedings and this time it was from 10:30-5:30. That's more like it! Hopefully this trend will continue. I need some sleep!

He enjoys batting at his toys that hang above him on his playmat. That lion definitely deserves every punch he gets!

James loves to smile at us and laugh.

James is getting great at holding his head up. He does prefer to do it from the slightly elevated surface of his boppy but he is strengthening those muscles.

He likes to play with his mommy and daddy.

He has learned a lot this month and is growing quickly. He is getting too big for many of the clothes that looked so huge on him when he was born.

At his 2 month doctor's appointment he weighed 11 lbs. 4 oz. He is still in the 25% for weight. His length moved from 25% to 75%. He is taking after his Great-Grandpa Kelts!

He also had his first round of shots at the doctor's office. He didn't really like the shots (and neither did his mommy!). He screamed and turned really red. When we left he fell asleep immediately but when he woke up he was REALLY fussy. He wouldn't nurse on the side that had two shots. We gave him some tylenol and he felt much better and even gave us a few smiles again.

At least he got some great band-aids out of the deal!