Monday, April 8, 2013

Field Trip-Bakery

The first few weeks of April we are talking about baking (bread, muffins, cake, pizza) so we went on a field trip to Maxie B's, a local bakery, today.  The boys made baker's hats to wear for the occasion and we looked at all the different things they make there.  My plan was to talk more about what they do in a bakery but it was hard to keep their attention when there was a big bucket truck right outside putting up a new sign and a construction site across the street!  Oh well!  We did get some yummy baked goods to taste what they make.  The boys chose a chocolate cupcake with icing and a flower on top.  I thought it was kind of a funny girly looking choice but they are really too young to get that yet so no big deal.

As we were pulling out of the parking lot we were talking about the colors of the things we ate. 
Me: What color was your cupcake?
Boys: brown
M: Yes, it was chocolate.  What color was the icing?
B: green
M: And what color was the flower?
B: John Deere
Haha!  Now I understand it was a very manly choice.  The icing was green and the flower was yellow. Apparently they chose it because it looked like John Deere!

Train up a child...

Last night as I was putting away groceries I hear "Stacey, come out here.  We need a picture of this!"  Apparently the indoctrination of charcoal grilling is being passed on to the next generation and it most definitely needs to be recorded.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


This winter we have all struggled with sickness more than we have in any other year.  I'm hoping next year will be better since we will have a baby in the house too.  James just recently got over the worst sickness he's had in his life.  Whenever he gets a cold he normally wakes up with a croupy cough during the first night of it.  This time his cough was much harder to calm him down from.  We made it through the first night and I thought that would be the worst of it but the next day I could tell his breathing was still struggling and it seemed like the cold was bothering him more than normal.  That night at dinner we could hear every breath he took and he was getting really upset about not being able to breathe well which made his breathing worse.  We ended up calling the on-call nurse and eventually making a trip to the ER for a breathing treatment.  At this point he was battling a high fever too.  After our adventure to the ER he didn't seem that much better to me except that he wasn't freaking out about his breathing anymore.  Finally three days later the fever broke and he started feeling better.  Unfortunately all of this happened when our life was really busy and he wasn't getting enough rest so that didn't help the situation at all.  But the good news is we all lived through the whole ordeal!

Wearing a mask like pilots do to fly a plane.

He even figured out how to pick his nose through the mask.  Ugh!

After all the medicine he was wired until 1am but he finally fell asleep and we got him out of the hospital and home in bed with him barely waking up at all!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Beach 3-Egg Hunt

KK brought some eggs to the beach for James.  They were filled with goldfish, teddy grahams, and M&Ms.  We enlisted James' cousins to hide the eggs for him.  They did a great job hiding the eggs and James had so much fun finding them.

Beach 2-Wright Bothers Memorial and the dunes

We stopped at the Wright Brothers Memorial which doesn't have a lot of interest for a 2 year old but we  tried to make it as interesting as possible.

looking through the wind tunnel

crawling on the benches...because you can!

 James with the memorial in the background.

Running the first plane route with daddy to see if we can run it faster than the 12 seconds it took them to fly it.

Then we went to the dunes which was really exciting for James.  He loved looking at all the kites and was really sad we didn't have a kite he could fly.  He also loved rolling in the sand which I was really surprised by because our trip to the beach last year consisted of "all done" whenever we were on the sand.  At least we know he enjoys sand when he is fully clothed.

Beach 1-Currituck Lighthouse

For Spring Break we went to the beach in Duck, NC.  There were about 20 of us in our group so we had a huge house.  James was really excited to be able to play with his "cousins" (most of them were second cousins and there were a couple friends of the cousins but he was convinced they were all his cousins).  Unfortunately since Easter was so early this year our time at the beach was pretty chilly but we still had a great time.  Once we got to the beach house I realized we were really close to the only NC lighthouse I had never been to.  That was our first tourist stop!

Ready for the beach!

We climbed the 210 steps to the top of the lighthouse.  Even James climbed up over half of them by himself.

Even baby Keane got to go all the way to the top of the lighthouse!

MOPS Egg Hunt

We had an egg hunt with MOPS on a rather chilly day.  The kids found their eggs quickly and were done!  :)  James did a much better job getting the point of an egg hunt this year.  He gathered a few eggs and was excited to find candy inside.

2 Year Old School

March=Eggs and Easter

Again it looks like I didn't do a good job of taking pictures of our preschool adventures this month.  I will say I have started off better for the month of April.  Hopefully I can keep it up!

We started out the month talking about eggs and reading the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty.  We did some cooking and made scrambled eggs.  Then we used our Resurrection Eggs to learn about the Easter story.  We read four major Bible stories leading up to Easter and opened the corresponding Resurrection Eggs.  We also had craft projects to go with each story.  For math we did some sorting and patterning.

E is for egg

ACC tournament

This year the ACC tournament was held in Greensboro!  A friend told us that you could go to the practice sessions for free!  I figured I could be a good mom to a boy if I took James.  It just so happened that Florida State's practice session happened right after nap time so we loaded up and headed out.  Their practice time was only about an hour and we were there 30-45 minutes which was perfect for their attention span.  James still talks about going to the coliseum to see basketball.  It was a neat experience that not everyone gets to have.  I'm glad we went.