Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Beach 2-Wright Bothers Memorial and the dunes

We stopped at the Wright Brothers Memorial which doesn't have a lot of interest for a 2 year old but we  tried to make it as interesting as possible.

looking through the wind tunnel

crawling on the benches...because you can!

 James with the memorial in the background.

Running the first plane route with daddy to see if we can run it faster than the 12 seconds it took them to fly it.

Then we went to the dunes which was really exciting for James.  He loved looking at all the kites and was really sad we didn't have a kite he could fly.  He also loved rolling in the sand which I was really surprised by because our trip to the beach last year consisted of "all done" whenever we were on the sand.  At least we know he enjoys sand when he is fully clothed.

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