Monday, April 8, 2013

Field Trip-Bakery

The first few weeks of April we are talking about baking (bread, muffins, cake, pizza) so we went on a field trip to Maxie B's, a local bakery, today.  The boys made baker's hats to wear for the occasion and we looked at all the different things they make there.  My plan was to talk more about what they do in a bakery but it was hard to keep their attention when there was a big bucket truck right outside putting up a new sign and a construction site across the street!  Oh well!  We did get some yummy baked goods to taste what they make.  The boys chose a chocolate cupcake with icing and a flower on top.  I thought it was kind of a funny girly looking choice but they are really too young to get that yet so no big deal.

As we were pulling out of the parking lot we were talking about the colors of the things we ate. 
Me: What color was your cupcake?
Boys: brown
M: Yes, it was chocolate.  What color was the icing?
B: green
M: And what color was the flower?
B: John Deere
Haha!  Now I understand it was a very manly choice.  The icing was green and the flower was yellow. Apparently they chose it because it looked like John Deere!

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