Thursday, April 4, 2013


This winter we have all struggled with sickness more than we have in any other year.  I'm hoping next year will be better since we will have a baby in the house too.  James just recently got over the worst sickness he's had in his life.  Whenever he gets a cold he normally wakes up with a croupy cough during the first night of it.  This time his cough was much harder to calm him down from.  We made it through the first night and I thought that would be the worst of it but the next day I could tell his breathing was still struggling and it seemed like the cold was bothering him more than normal.  That night at dinner we could hear every breath he took and he was getting really upset about not being able to breathe well which made his breathing worse.  We ended up calling the on-call nurse and eventually making a trip to the ER for a breathing treatment.  At this point he was battling a high fever too.  After our adventure to the ER he didn't seem that much better to me except that he wasn't freaking out about his breathing anymore.  Finally three days later the fever broke and he started feeling better.  Unfortunately all of this happened when our life was really busy and he wasn't getting enough rest so that didn't help the situation at all.  But the good news is we all lived through the whole ordeal!

Wearing a mask like pilots do to fly a plane.

He even figured out how to pick his nose through the mask.  Ugh!

After all the medicine he was wired until 1am but he finally fell asleep and we got him out of the hospital and home in bed with him barely waking up at all!

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