Friday, May 13, 2011

Thursday, May 12, 2011


We have been working with James on signing "all done" and "more". He hasn't been getting it very well. A couple weeks ago we were really pushing "more" and James would just look at me. I was getting frustrated so I stopped trying to get him to do it and I just show it to him when I am trying to figure out what he wants. Well, today, out of the blue I asked him if he wanted more when I finished feeding him his lunch and he signed more! Of course, I didn't really have any more to give him but I wanted to encourage his signing. I pulled out these cheese crackers we have that he loves and he signed more and I gave him one. At one point he would put a cracker in his mouth and immediately sign more then shove the next cracker in his mouth. He got a little over loaded.

yes that is cheese cracker mush oozing out of his mouth
he isn't the neatest of eaters

This morning he was crawling across the floor and Franklin (the turtle) started swimming at the side of the tank as if he wanted to get out and play with James. I told James I thought Franklin wanted him to come over and say "hi!" so James turned and crawled toward the tank then waved at Franklin! I was pretty impressed.

Of course the next problem is when I know he understands me but he CHOOSES not to obey. That's when it gets really fun, right!?