Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More Big Brother Training

James is going to be such a helpful big brother.  He is now practicing feeding solids.  I may just be able to sit back and put my feet up and watch James raise this baby!

2 Year Old School

February=Groundhog Day/Valentine's Day/Doctor

We matched pictures to their shadows for Groundhog Day/

 We planned a Valentine's Day party with some of James' friends.  James helped make cookies for the party.  All the kids made valentines and we exchanged valentines.

We played with play-doh, decorated cookies and had a Valentine themed lunch.  We had a lot of fun!

For our doctor theme with did lots of art with doctor tools like cotton swabs and band-aids.

This art activity was done after learning about how germs are spread and the importance of washing our hands.  Here James is painting with "germs" (food color water sprayed on freezer paper).

2 Year Old School


I haven't been doing as well documenting what we are doing for 2 year old school.  Here are the few pictures I have for the month of January.  I will try to do better.

 Making "snow" paintings

throwing "snowballs" (rolled up socks) into a bucket

 throwing the snowballs at letters we know

 We used some fruits and vegetables from a recent grocery trip to decide which were lighter and heavier.  We also used bear counters to weigh different vegetables and see how many bear counters they weighed.

 I was afraid this activity would be over James' head but he really caught on a lot better than I thought he would.

 We sorted play food by what section you would find it in at the grocery store.


One day as I was getting ready to do some laundry I went to my room to sort my laundry and asked James to get his laundry from his room and put it by the laundry room.  When I came out to get started on the laundry this is what I found.  James had put his laundry in his "washing machine" (dishwasher). He is such a helpful little boy!  :)

Christmas in PA

We have always read the Christmas story first thing on Christmas morning at my parent's house.  This year my mom decided to make it interactive for James and have us do a dramatic reading/act it out with puppets.  That was lots of fun.

Aunt Cassie got James a tool bench (so he can be like Daddy) where the tools actually work on the wood it comes with.

My parents don't believe in making it easy to figure out which gift belongs to which person.  Sometimes our "tags" are elaborate codes we have to figure out.  This year we had to find out names in crossword puzzles.  The only problem was that "Lee" showed up on lots of puzzles even if it wasn't his present.  It just made things more interesting!

Now James is really ready to take care of everyone!

The best present!

We also got about of foot of snow while we were in PA.  James got to go sledding (on a plastic box lid) for the first time.

Christmas at Home

This year we celebrated Christmas day at home with just our family and Uncle Frank.  We went to Uncle Frank's church for the Christmas Eve service

Daddy and Uncle Frank made a gigantic tent all the way down the stairs and throughout the whole living room as a surprise for Christmas morning.  James was not as impressed as we would have thought and was mostly worried that things like the kitchen table weren't where they were supposed to be!

James got some doctor tools for Christmas and Bobo is in the best health of his life!

 Uncle Frank got James a garbage truck that makes real garbage truck noises.  James loves a garbage truck!

Since the kitchen table was part of the living room tent we had to have breakfast at James' little table.


So, apparently not much happened in the month of November because these are the only artifacts from the month:

Maybe this has something to do with the lack of pictures from November!
We found out that James is going to be a big brother.

 That led to the purchase of my dream car!  (well that and the fact that I just keep adding more kids to babysit!)

 James practicing being a good big brother as he reads "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" to baby Samuel.