Friday, April 13, 2012

Homeland Creamery

We went to Homeland Creamery for a tour today.  Homeland Creamery is a dairy farm in Greensboro (well just outside Greensboro).  We got to see some turkeys, chickens, cats, and dogs...

 ...and of course some cows!  We took a hayride to see several different pastures where different cows were kept.  James was really excited to see the "moos".

We got to help feed a bottle to a baby cow.  (I didn't get a picture of that.  Keeping James from jumping ahead of everyone in the line was more than I could handle without adding a camera to the mix).  We got to practice milking a metal cow.  At the very end we got to eat some of their homemade ice cream.  James loved it and ate it all...then he tried to eat Corbin's too!

Here is James just hanging out with the cows!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I made James a pictorial treasure hunt to find his Eater basket.  He got some bubbles, bean bags with his name, toothpaste and toothbrush, and sunglasses.

For Easter, I made James a tie out of a cute green striped seersucker fabric.  We didn't really have any appropriate dressy shoes for his outfit but I kind of like how the converse added to the look!

After church we went to a park for a picnic and to take some spring pictures.  The sun didn't cooperate very well for our pictures but we got some that were pretty cute.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

One-Year-Old School

April Week 1-Easter

For the week leading up to Easter we did some activities having to do with Easter. 

to continue our work with colors I made "fried eggs" with colored yolks to match with eggshells
we used contact paper and tissue paper to make stained glass crosses

We also died hard boiled eggs with these egg coloring bags (no mess for little ones) that I had left over from my teaching days.  I didn't get a picture of their creations before we ate our eggs though!

resurrection rolls (crescent roll wrapped around a marshmallow)
resurrection roll after baking (the tomb is empty)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

First "Official" Haircut

Daddy has cut James' hair several times but tonight we decided to go have a professional give us some ideas on how to shape his hair.  Since James' all-time favorite tv station is ESPN we thought SportClips might be the place to take him.  James was enthralled by being able to watch "ball" (basketball) and look at balls decorating the room.  He sat very patiently and got a cute haircut.  He is growing up so fast!

Easter Egg Hunt

Our Sunday School class had an Easter egg hunt that we went to.  This was the first Easter egg hunt James has ever really been to.  Last year he was at a hunt and had just learned how to crawl so he happened to crawl to an egg but I'm not sure it really counted as his first Easter egg hunt.  I had high hopes for this year.  I thought he would get the concept of running to eggs and collecting them in his bag. He did NOT get into the spirit like I thought he would.  He picked up eggs but he put them in other people's baskets.  If he did put them in his bag then he would just dump them out again.  Oh well, maybe next year we can have a real Easter egg hunt.

One-Year-Old School

March Week 4=My Many Colored Days, yellow

yellow themed lunch

now we have to sort 4 colors!

R is for rainbow

One-Year-Old School

March Week 3=One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, blue

One Fish Two Fish lunch

We also had a sorting sensory box with red, green, and blue objects but apparently I didn't get a picture of that!