Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I am now 27 weeks pregnant. That means I am starting the third trimester. I feel like I am making progress. Speaking of progress, here is the 27 week belly!

21 Weeks

27 Weeks

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So, when you are nearing the end of your pregnancy you are supposed to start know cleaning out closets and setting up a nursery. Well, for me THIS makes it hard!

Yes, we are moving just a couple months before the baby is due! The most exciting part though is that we don't really know where we are moving so we won't be able to move directly from one house to the next. I decided early on that a bassinet was all I needed for the baby to sleep in for the first several months so I don't need a nursery all painted and ready. My life can be in's ok. I was telling my mom all this and found out it is in my genes. Apparently when my mom was pregnant with me my parents sold their house and lived with my dad's mom for a while before they moved into their house. I assured my mom that she really didn't need to start a tradition like that for me but apparently the legacy lives on!

I have been finding little corners amidst the growing piles of boxes to do my own little bit of nesting. This is the awesome changing table I found this weekend and my wonderful husband fixed up to make it like new!