Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Christmas in PA

We have always read the Christmas story first thing on Christmas morning at my parent's house.  This year my mom decided to make it interactive for James and have us do a dramatic reading/act it out with puppets.  That was lots of fun.

Aunt Cassie got James a tool bench (so he can be like Daddy) where the tools actually work on the wood it comes with.

My parents don't believe in making it easy to figure out which gift belongs to which person.  Sometimes our "tags" are elaborate codes we have to figure out.  This year we had to find out names in crossword puzzles.  The only problem was that "Lee" showed up on lots of puzzles even if it wasn't his present.  It just made things more interesting!

Now James is really ready to take care of everyone!

The best present!

We also got about of foot of snow while we were in PA.  James got to go sledding (on a plastic box lid) for the first time.

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