Thursday, January 9, 2014

Keane-4 months

Keane's fourth month was a rough one.  He went from sleeping 8-9 hours at night to all of a sudden waking up every hour!  By the end of the month he was only waking up every three hours which after some of the nights we had felt like a huge improvement and like a good night.  It was a rough month to say the least.  I tried hard to think of something (anything) I was thankful for each day to try to make it through the day because it's hard when you're just SO tired!

At his 4 month appointment Keane was scared of the doctor.  As soon as the doctor put the stethoscope on him he started crying.  James always just stared at the doctor and hardly moved.  It makes it hard to see Keane cry through it even though I know it is very normal for kids and James was just not normal.  Keane was 14 lbs 8 oz and 25.75 in.
Keane spent a lot of time in the swing because that was the only place he would sleep

...the other place he would sleep

We tried cereal this month with the hope that it would help him sleep didn't!

After all the loss of sleep he is still pretty cute!

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