Thursday, January 2, 2014

Keane- the birth

James was 4 days early.  Keane measured about a week big at each of my ultrasounds.  I was so sure he would come at least a little early if not close to his due date.  Now looking back, he DID come close to his due date but it didn't seem like it at the time.  Now that he is almost 6 months old I thought it was time to write about Keane's birth.

I wanted my mom to come a week before Keane's due date and stay a week after hoping that she would be here when we had to go to the hospital.  For a week and a half we killed time hoping I would go into labor.  I didn't think I was even having contractions.  I had pains often where I thought Keane was just kicking me (turns out they were actually contractions).  As my due date came near and then we went past my due date I started worrying...worrying that something might be wrong with Keane, worrying that I wouldn't be able to handle labor and delivery, worrying I might have to have a c-section, worrying he would be too big...etc.  At my last appointment before Keane's birth I told the midwife about my concerns and that I was really ready for this pregnancy to be over.  I was 3 cm dilated so she said they could probably break my water and he would come.  The problem was that if he didn't come then they would have to use pitocin.  I didn't want to do that but I really wanted my parents to be around when Keane was born and I was really ready to hold him so we decided to do it.  We went to the hospital at 11 that day.

It was a very different experience to peacefully check in at the hospital instead of coming in with contractions going strong.  We got a room and one of the hospital's new gowns (so pretty).  They hooked me up to the monitors and I could see that those uncomfortable "kicking" feelings I had been having were from contractions.  We just hung out, watched tv (Top Chef), and walked the halls.  We had several friends having babies at the same time and I was texting with friends (mostly to distract myself).

At 1 pm they broke my water.  For several hours my contractions increased slowly but it wasn't too bad.  At 5 pm things started to get serious.  Lee and I took our last walk about about 5:30 and I told him I think Keane is coming soon things are feeling pretty serious.  At 5:45 I asked for IV meds because I was in a lot of pain and I was afraid it would take several more hours.  At 5:53 they gave me the medicine.  I should have realized Keane was coming soon because the midwife was hanging around and didn't leave.  I think she could tell we were almost there.  At 6:06, after 2 pushes Keane was born.

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