Monday, January 6, 2014

Keane-1 month

Since I waited to update this when Keane was 6 months old I don't remember a lot about what life was like when Keane was 1 month old but here goes anyway...

Keane is very laid back and a good sleeper.  He takes naps downstairs with us playing and working all right around him.  He sleeps 5-6 hours at night.  His fussiest time is from about 8pm-midnight.  It is convenient that he is fussy AFTER James goes to bed at night.  He eats well and quickly.

At his 1 month appointment he was 10 lbs.
a comparison of James and Keane at 1 month old

desperate times call for desperate measures and sometimes we try anything to get a baby to "sleep like a baby"!

when Keane is fussy it is helpful to put him in a carrier on me and go about our day watching James play

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