Saturday, April 23, 2011


I have spent some of my spring break browsing people's blogs and have come across some great blogs with lots of great ideas for making cute stuff for boys...and mommies too. I have been very excited to try out some of these ideas so be sure to expect to see some great pictures of James sporting some awesome new stuff soon.

I started out by making these cute and comfy sweats from an old t-shirt of mine.
I grew up in a little town called Elkland. Every year, for several years at least, they had a 10K and fun run that my dad helped do the stats for or something. Our family would go and we always got free t-shirts. The date on the inside of the leg of these pants says April 27, 1984!! My sisters and I have always really loved these t-shirts and my roommates in college were always tired of seeing them. I decided I needed to pass down the tradition to my son. I was excited with how well they turned out. I don't make clothes very often so I was skeptical that they would fit.

Stay tuned for my homemade addition to James' Easter outfit!

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