Saturday, January 30, 2010


My body has a strange way of handling stress. There are some stresses that my body handles normally, headaches, sleeplessness, etc. These are stresses that I am aware I am stressed about. But for some reason my body tends to take some stress upon itself and not tell me about it! For example, when I was in high school and college, the week before exams I would be super emotional and not have patience with those around me. I wasn't consciously worried about my exams and feverishly studying or worried that I wouldn't do well on my exams but for some reason my body was still responding with stress. After several years my mom pointed out to me that I always acted strange around exam time. With this knowledge I tried to calm myself and not let exams bother me but I haven't seemed to be able to accomplish that.

Fast forward to now... On Thursday we had our ultrasound to do measurements of the baby and find out the gender. I took the day off to celebrate and clean our house for some showings we had scheduled. Well, I went to eat lunch with Lee and he commented that I was being short with him and then on the way home I just started bawling. I know your emotions are crazy when you are pregnant but I haven't been this crazy in the past 5 months so I couldn't figure out what was going on. Then I remembered my issues with exams and realized I was probably nervous about our ultrasound. It was such a bummer because I had been so excited about finding out about boy or girl and then all of a sudden I was just so sad and worried that something would be wrong with the baby and what would I do and how would I handle it if that was the case.

Well, just to make sure to not leave you in this same dilema let me tell you that our ultrasound went great and the baby is perfectly healthy as far as they can tell at this point. The baby was super cooperative and they were able to check all the vital organs and get some great pictures...including the all revealing one! But more on that later...

In case you aren't skilled in looking at blurry ultrasounds (and this one is very blurry because I took a picture of it in order to put it on here) this is a picture of the baby lying on it's back. It's head is on the right side and you can see the chest and and arm on the left side. The facial profile is facing up. This is my favorite picture we have so far. I think it is very sweet.


  1. I am in such awe of you two...Bravo for Lee for pointing out the sign of stress - Bravo for you for recognizing it for what it was and Thanks be unto God for this most glorious gift - love incarnate - a baby - be it boy or be it girl! I simply can't wait to meet Baby Williams in person come summer. Take care and be safe in the ice and snow.

  2. Very cool pictures. I have 4 kids and not one 3-D ultrasound, technology rocks out by you! The little baby looks very sweet!