Friday, January 22, 2010


Today, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr., and so I could get my room cleaned up, we watched Our Friend Martin in class. The movie has a lot of popular music in it and at the end when the credits are rolling it plays several of the songs. Well, as I was putting some books away (while the music was playing) I felt a strange feeling in my tummy.

The baby was dancing to the music!! I think this baby likes music. I don't know what that says about the gender but for now I'm just sitting around waiting to feel some movement again. I thought it would kind of gross me out when I first felt the baby moving but it didn't!


  1. Of course BW likes to dance, Lee's his daddy.

  2. Those first flutters are so's like was that what I thought it, yes, oh do it again. You look so beautiful - glowing...:)

  3. Congrats...that seems like it would be so exciting. Please....Please post pictures when you start really showing.