Monday, October 1, 2012

2 Year Old School

September was a home/family theme.  I'm linking up with Tot School and Tot School Tuesday to share this post.

Our curriculum comes from Hubbards Cupboard.  Here are some of the activities we did this month.

Our sensory box was filled with shredded paper.  Hidden in the paper were plastic insects to find.  They had a magnifying glass to look closer at the bugs and scissors to cut up shredded paper.

We made a house out of big blocks.

We compared numbers with a game.  The boys rolled the dice and counted the dots to see how many people to put in their "house" (box).  Then we talked about which house had the most people in it.

K is for keys.

family picture puzzle

shapes family picture

We walked around the house and made a graph of the things we saw.

Each week we have four centers for the boys to use.  Here are our centers for this month.
1-using tweezers to put small erasers in an ice cube tray
2-ordering canteen pictures from largest to smallest
4-one to one correspondence-putting pillows with sleeping bags

 1-pattern cards with counting bears
2-using tongs to put balls in a muffin tin
 3-fishing for different colored fish
4-putting foam curlers on a pipe cleaner

1-matching colors with clothespins and paint chips
2-practicing pouring split peas
3-sorting number magnets
4-using spatulas to flip bean bags

1-lining up colored blocks on letters
2-putting cut up straws on a geoboard
3-using tweezers to put plastic flies in a bug jar
4-Very Hungry Caterpillar plastic sticker clings


  1. What fun activities!! I hope you'll link up this post to Tot School Tuesday on See Vanessa Craft:

  2. I love your ideas!! I have 2 little boys and they are something else!! But love school time. Looks like yours do too! Hope you dont mind but I nominated you for a liebster award.

  3. Nice activities! Your sons look very cute :)