Sunday, February 12, 2012


I decided I need to do a better job of posting the funny things James does...

This past week James has been sick and on most days has taken a morning nap in addition to his normal afternoon nap because he was just melting down and we all needed a break. Well, on Friday when I put him in his bed for his morning nap he just played in his bed so I figured he must be feeling well enough that he didn't need the morning nap anymore. So, on Saturday I wasn't planning on trying to give him that nap. Well, that morning, Lee and I were downstairs working on something and James disappeared upstairs. A little later I heard him crying and wondered how he hurt himself this time. I went upstairs to find him in his room. He had pulled his blankie out of the bed and onto the floor and was crying at the side of his crib "bobo (his monkey)...night night...bobo...night night." I laid him down and he went right to sleep.

I guess it was time for his nap!

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