Sunday, February 19, 2012

20 Months

In honor of James' 20 month birthday we got the first (and probably only) snow of the year! It was very exciting. I kept trying to show James the snow out the window but I wasn't sure if he really knew what I was getting so excited about. We've read a lot of books about snow but I wasn't sure he really got it. I pointed out the snow on his slide which prompted him to want to go "wheeee!" (go down the slide). I hesitated because the snow was really wet and nasty but I have a winter coat for him and thick insulated pants so I decided it wouldn't hurt anything for us to go out and check it out. I scooped up some of the snow from the slide and made a little snow ball and we played catch. He was very excited and now calls the snow "ball". He wasn't sure about going down the slide or climbing the ladder once we got outside and he touched the snow, but he was still impressed with snow.

Yesterday James put two words together a few times to communicate with me and he is adding new words daily. Right now he is obsessed with what things in the house are mommy's or daddy's. He will point to our shoes and tell us whose they are, he points to the remote and says daddy, etc. He has learned many sports figures celebrations....Wayne Rooney's goal celebration, Aaron Rodgers' touchdown celebration, and BJ Raji's touchdown celebration. He now will "sing" with the radio in the car when we are driving around town. He sang all the way to the Children's museum the other day.

Consignment sales are starting again for the Spring and James has enjoyed the vacuum I got him and most recently his little laptop. I didn't expect him to love the laptop quite as much as he has...I'm starting to think we may have to start to limit his computer time already!

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