Tuesday, September 13, 2011

14 Months

Well, since James is almost 15 months old and I never did a post about 14 months I thought I ought to go ahead and do it. Of course, at this point I don't really remember what he was doing at 14 months. A few things I do remember...

-We took away his pacifier right at 14 months old. He had been throwing it out of his bed and crying and he really only used it when he was sleeping anyway. There were times he would fall asleep without it so we knew he was capable and he also seemed to be getting more attached to it so we figured better now than in a year when he really thinks he needs it. We had three weeks of rough naps (it never really affected bedtime too much). This week he seems to be back to normal and falling asleep just fine.

-We made four 10 hour car trips. We took a trip to Florida to see some of Lee's family and it was 10 hours each way. Then, a couple weeks later we took a trip to Pennsylvania to see some of my family and it was 10 hours each way. James is becoming a great traveler!

-I think he started saying more words this month but I will talk more about that in his 15 month post because I'm not sure what happened which month.

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