Sunday, June 26, 2011

One Year Old

Well, James is now a year old and I think this is the best age yet. A couple weeks before he turned a year old he started being able to go from a crawling position to a sitting position. This helps him be able to play with his toys better by himself. He can sit for a long time and play with his toys by himself, especially since he has new birthday toys. This entertains him while I am getting his food ready or our dinner ready, etc. He will sit and giggle and tell stories to himself...I think he has a great imagination!

He is also learning things very quickly now. Last week I taught him to point to his nose when I ask where his nose is. I can also ask him what a fish says and he will make a kissy face.
James is also learning to communicate without screaming. He has known the signs for "more" and "all done" for awhile but he would still scream at me first or while he did the signs instead of just politely telling me what he wanted (I'm sure we still have a long way to go on this one). This past week he would just sign more and point to what he wanted more screaming! I'm starting to feel like we each speak a broken version of each other's language instead of not knowing ANY of each other's language. It's kind of fun. He also says "hi" to anyone near us at the grocery store or a restaurant or the street and says "yes" with a clap when I ask him if he wants to take a bath or go swimming, etc.

James isn't walking yet but he has taken a few 2 or 3 step controlled falls and will walk with you just holding one of his hands. He is trying to figure out this balance thing but doesn't seem really interested in taking off on his own yet.
I've decided that the best way to be ok with your baby turning 1 is to have fun planning his birthday party so my next post will show fun party pics.

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  1. we're working on the not screaming at mama thing too :-) jai is more of an intense whine than a scream, but equally annoying i'm sure! i agree, they are learning things very quickly now! so much fun!