Saturday, June 4, 2011

11 Months

So James actually turned 11 months old a couple weeks ago but I didn't have good 11 month pictures yet. Then our internet was out the day I finally decided to write the post. Maybe the real reason is that I secretly hope that if I don't acknowledge the fact that he is 11 months old maybe he won't turn 1!
This month he has started clapping. He is crawling and pulling up all over the place. He has started eating more finger foods and we are almost to the point where I don't need to make him any purees. James likes to point at things and can get kind of embarrassing sometimes. He will dance when he hears music or you ask him to dance (he wiggles his head and body). James has also started whistling. I'm not exactly sure how it started but he will purse his lips and breathe in and out. Sometimes you can even hear a faint whistle. It is pretty cute.
We have been taking a swim class and James loves the water. He especially loves to jump in off the side and float around in his float. We have started practicing going under water too. I wouldn't say he loves it but he doesn't cry and doesn't seem to mind if he goes under again.

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