Friday, March 11, 2011


James is learning many tricks these days. This is one we tried to teach him before the Super Bowl...he hadn't quite mastered it at that point. He definitely has it mastered now and knows that it receives lots of attention. We met someone new at story time this week and he grinned and did touchdown. Of course the lady didn't really know what he was doing so I had to explain. Some of his other tricks are to clap and sometimes he kind of signs all done. His daddy is going to play softball this spring so I am trying to teach him to do "safe".

The teacher in me is so excited that he is becoming trainable. He is a blank slate. I can teach him so many wonderful things now. But then I get paralyzed by trying to figure out what to teach him first and how to teach him all the things he should know...

Well, for now he can do touchdown...seems like a good skill every child should know!

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