Thursday, March 3, 2011

4 Years=Stainless Steel, right?

Today, Lee and I have been married 4 years. To celebrate we are going out to buy a new trash can!

When we got married Lee and I disagreed about trash cans. He wanted a trash can with a lid but I hated the thought of having to touch the lid whenever I wanted to put something in the trash can. Then there is the trash can that has a lid with a foot pedal and the lid slams against the wall whenever you step on it then slams back down on the trash can. This kind will spray trashy liquids around your kitchen if they are on the lid.

When we got married Lee got me the best present EVER-a simplehuman trash can! This trash can lid goes up easily when you press the foot pedal then has a smooth close mechanism. It is a beautiful thing. I don't have to touch the nasty lid and it doesn't slam either. Well, about 6 months ago the lid broke. We have been living with a trash can without a lid. We have a baby who is quickly becoming mobile and wanting to touch things. Bad combination! It won't be long before he wants to rummage through the trash.

We joked that we would buy a new trash can for our anniversary but our real plan was to go to Lucky 32 for peanut butter pie. Then we got a stomach bug last week and didn't think we were quite in the right place to really enjoy our PB pie. SO, we went out to buy a trash can! It was very romantic...

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  1. And this is what makes the best memories of all...Happy Anniversary! (belated)