Thursday, June 21, 2012

James is 2!

James had a big day on his birthday.  Unfortunately I wasn't smart enough to bring my camera to document all the fun but I thought I would at least write about it.  Lee and I both went into his room when he woke up and sang happy birthday to him.  He swayed and grinned from ear to ear.  Then, his buddy, Corbin, came to play.   We played outside with his favorite girls, Eva and Lucia.  We had a bounce house, sandbox, slide, and basketball goal.  It was big fun.  Then we had to leave to go eat lunch with Daddy at Lindley Park Filling Station.  Then it was time to go home for a much needed nap!  Daddy came home a little early from work and we opened his presents.  He got some tools like Daddy's!

For dinner we went with our neighbors to eat Papa John's pizza and Feeney's for dessert.  Then we came home for some more bouncing.  A very full, very exciting day!

The next day James went to the doctor for his 2 year check up.  He weighed 27.5 lbs. and was 34 1/4 in. tall.  He had to have blood taken and get one shot.  He didn't cry for any of it.  We were so proud of him and his bravery.

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