Sunday, May 20, 2012

23 Months

I have been very bad about posting about each month's development this past year but unfortunately there is only one more month and James will be 2!  We had several days this past week where James was showing us his growing independence and that he is testing his boundaries.  I have decided that he must be advanced because he is acting out the terrible 2's a whole month early!

James is talking A LOT now.  He has always made a lot of noise but now he is saying real words....over and over again.  James now says OK and alright a lot (I catch myself saying that as I sigh when I have finally gotten everyone in the car and ready to go, etc.).  He also says "no, Daddy" when Daddy is singing.  If you ask him a question he will roll his eyes a little and say "ummmm".  He can count to 5 now (sometimes).  He can also repeat the whole alphabet after us.

James is also getting more independent with going potty.  He is getting very good at taking his pants off-sometimes at inopportune times.  He can get on the potty by himself and is now asking for the toilet paper so he can wipe himself.  He has started enjoying taking showers with us when there just isn't time for a separate bath.

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