Wednesday, May 2, 2012

22 Months

22 months old really snuck up on us this time.  In fact I didn't even realize it had happened until the day after!  I don't really like the sound of 22 months because it is very close to 2 YEARS old!  As usual I don't remember a lot of the new things James is doing this month but I will record a couple things.

James mimics and says so many words now.  He is putting words together to tell us things.  He copies all the words we say.  Apparently I say "OK" a lot because every time I do I hear a little "ok" behind me.  Some friends of ours gave us a hand-me-down kitchen which is giving James lots of opportunities for new vocabulary.

James is actually starting to wake up happy these days.  For the longest time James would cry (fairly hysterically) whenever he woke up.  For several months he has woken up happy in the morning but naps were still very upsetting for him.  For the past week James has woken up happier, talking to his BoBos and singing.  It makes life much happier.

This month James got 3 of the four  2 year molars.  One day I kept saying "James is acting kind of weird today.  He seems a little off."  At dinner I decided to check his mouth and sure enough there were three teeth just poking through.  Once I knew that I felt like James had acted amazingly good!

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