Monday, January 23, 2012


One afternoon all of James' diapers were in the wash so instead of using disposables I decided to try out some undies. He did ok but there were quite a few accidents and I wasn't really sure he really was ready. Plus, he is only 19 months old and I don't feel like messing with it right now so we aren't. Most sources I read about potty training say don't start and stop and don't play around with it until you are ready to say no more diapers but it just doesn't seem right to tell him "no" when he asks to go potty and it doesn't seem right for both him and I to be frustrated with trying to make him go potty so for now we are wearing diapers and using the potty when he asks. It's working for us right now...hopefully it won't thwart all potty training efforts in the future.

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