Friday, January 20, 2012

It's Potty Time!

I think it is almost time for us to get rid of the diapers for good! A couple months ago James started being able to control his body functions and would get a mischievous gleam in his eye and "go" when I would take his diaper off on the changing table or in the tub. We started talking about pottying. Then we got a little potty and James would sit on it before bathtime but never produce anything (until he got in the tub!). A couple nights ago he went when he sat on the potty. I gave him an M&M as a reward. The next day everytime I changed his diaper he asked to sit on the potty. Apparently M&Ms are very inspiring. Yesterday we went and bought some big boy pants so we could talk about what we wear when we get rid of our diapers. This morning he has had a dry diaper all morning and has gone to the potty three times. One time he asked to go potty the other times he saw the potty and wanted M&Ms so I told him to sit on the potty. I'm pretty sure he is going to rot out his teeth but I may be doing less diaper laundry soon (maybe more clothing laundry though!). We'll see where this goes.

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