Wednesday, October 19, 2011

16 Months

It is amazing all the new things James is learning these days. And, he learns things so quickly. When I want him to learn a new sign I only have to teach him once and he seems to pick it right up. Right now he is signing, please, thank you, eat, drink, and more. He loves to fold his hands to pray before bed or meals. We often have to pray several times throughout a meal. I guess he is very thankful for his food.

He calls his monkey "Bobo". I think this comes from baby. One of my Cabbage Patch Kids is in his playroom and he will give it hugs every now and then. I have been trying to get him to say baby. He started saying bobo and will call pictures of babies and any stuffed animal bobo. I think anything cute and cuddleable is "Bobo". He also says "there it is" when we are putting on his clothes. When his hand or foot appear out the sleeve or pant leg he says "there it is!" He can also say "football" but only if he is holding his foot!

James went to his first FSU game and did the tomahawk chop with the crowd. He has a little football that plays the fight song that we practiced with before the game. He can also give a fist bump.

He has really started playing with Corbin. They often hold hands when we are riding along in the double stroller or give each other high fives or fist bumps. They also randomly give each other hugs. We have started sharing hugs as a way of saying sorry when they upset each other.

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