Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cloth diapers

For some reason I have always wanted to use cloth diapers with my children. I don't really know why-maybe I just want to be old fashioned, maybe I like the idea that it is better for the baby or maybe for ecological reasons. Really, I think it is a combination of all three. Oh, and saving money comes in there somewhere too. Well, when you think of cloth diapers you think of the dust rags your mom used as you were growing up (they used to be the diapers she used on you when you were a baby but you don't remember them in that capacity). Cloth diapers have evolved these days and are just as easy to use as disposables (except for the whole cleaning up part) and cute too. I started doing research on different kinds of cloth diapers and found that there are many different options that could make the start up cost of cloth diapers very expensive. I could justify it because you can use them for several children so when you spread the cost out you are still saving money but that requires us to have money now... When we started looking at the easiest but cheapest route I started to realize maybe I could just make my own diapers. So I started researching that.

2 weeks ago we had 8 inches of snow and in NC that means you don't go to school for a whole week (we did make it to school for part of a day but that doesn't really count). I decided to make good use of my time and start turning out some diapers. In that week I made 24 newborn size fitted cloth diapers. These require a waterproof covering which I think I am just going to buy because making all the diapers seems like a big enough challenge for now. So, my little guy should be set with diapers for at least the first little while. Now on to the next size! Where is that snow?!


  1. i am totally impressed! we're going to cloth diaper too and i want to start getting my diaper stash together, just because they're so cute! but i have to wait until we get a referral!!! he could be 3 months, he could be 10 months! anyway, LOVE that you're using cloth too and LOVE that you've made them! looks like you did a great job!!!!

  2. You are one industrious little mother-to-be, one of the many reasons we love you! We can't wait to see a little wiggling baby boy in that diaper!

  3. I used cloth for both my babies..but I didn't make them or buy them..I used a diaper service which may or may not be environmentally great but I loved the feel of a cloth diaper on my baby girls bottoms! :) They are adorable - you may be on to a new profession...Diapers by Stacy...:)