Monday, August 20, 2012

Two-Year-Old School

This year instead of reinventing the wheel I found a curriculum for 2's online here.  I have been using this curriculum and supplementing it with activities found other places on the web.  I will do my best to create links to the activities I found.

Basically this curriculum has two different themes each month.  The first theme was the beach.

making shell impressions in play-doh

ocean themed snack

beach sensory box

sponge relay

field trip to the pet store to see the fish

We have also decided to do "centers" this year.  We have four that the boys can work on each week.  I just pull them out for a short time each day when I need them to focus on an activity and slow down a little bit!  :)
1-using tweezers to move small fish erasers to an ice cube tray (1 to 1 correspondance)
2-fishing for paper fish and practicing color recognition
3-sorting links by color or putting them together and taking them apart
4-sorting counting bears by color

 1-practice cutting paper
3-transferring "sea urchins" with a spoon

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