Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Before having a baby I thought video monitors were unnecessary. "Only really anxious parents needed them." When James was about 5 months old he started rolling onto his tummy while he slept, then he would cry. The first few times he did this it scared him and if you would just roll him back onto his back before he got too upset he would just go right back to sleep. When that started happening I thought "man it would be great if I had a video monitor so I could see why he is crying". If I went into his room to check it was harder for me to just leave him alone if he didn't really need me.

Well, this weekend I got a cheap, old-school video monitor and I love it! Last night for some reason James woke up at 4:45. I didn't have to lay in bed and wonder if somehow his bed or the monsters in his room (ok maybe I am a BIT of an anxious mom) were killing him. I just turned on the video, could see that he was fine and then turned it back off. He cried for 45 minutes and I laid in bed peacefully because every 15 minutes or so I would turn the monitor on and reassure myself that he was fine and he just needed to be left alone so he could figure out how to get himself back to sleep. It however did not make me any less tired this morning...

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