Friday, May 28, 2010


We have been very busy being pregnant and homeless and we're sorry for the lack of updates. Here's a summary of our recent adventures...

 The opportunity presented itself for a glamorous photoshoot at one of Greensboro's hotspots, see a sneak preview below.  You can visit Lee's Flickr Account to see many many more (scroll past our friends' prom pics).

Also of note, Stacey has had not one, not Two, but THREE more baby showers!  One thrown by dear friends where she--well we--were showered with many gifts, but mostly LOVE (which is pretty much awesome).  The other two were pretty good hauls, for Pearce Elem staff and the other thrown by her sweet class (headed by an awesome new friend).

We both have been surprised at how overwhelmed we feel by having received so much from so many people.  Never did we expect quite this much attention and immense blessing!  It is...amazing.

Also, this is very late but our friend Kasey requested this a long time ago.  Kasey (and Tim), we love you and here is Stacey's belly picture at 33 weeks (we are 36 weeks at the time of this posting).

There.  Now consider this the state of catchup.  If you have any burning questions, you may pose them in the comments section and we'll gladly respond 
...probably with as many smartaleck comments as possible.  But that's why you love us!

Burn Notice starts soon, gotta go set the DVR.  What is there to say?  Some crave pickles and ice cream, we crave mediocre television!

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  1. Yeah for big bellies! Kasey feels very special to have her own picture on your blog. We love the photos, did Greg do the portraits? He should totally submit them to Parenting or Pregnancy magazine, they are great! Especially the 2 bellies. Lee you have lost ground, better catch up.

    Thanks for the heads up on Burn Notice. I too like mediocre tv. Not sure how I can watch it in Eurasia. I'll figure something out.

    We love you guys and and appreciate the blog update. Miss you.

    Tim and Kasey